2018 Law Enforcement Volunteer(s) of the Year Announced!

2018 Law Enforcement Volunteer(s) of the Year Announced!

In keeping with the precedent we began last year, Southwest Washington Police Activities League is excited to honor TWO law enforcement professionals as our volunteers of the year for 2018. Both have continually stepped up time and again to support PAL.

Therefore, without further ado…..

drum roll please….

Our officer and deputy of the year for 2018 are:

Officer Dustin Nicholson of the Vancouver Police Department and Deputy Shaun Robertson of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office! Both men are incredibly deserving of this recognition and we are blessed to have them volunteering with our programs. Below is a little more about each of these incredible men:

Officer Dustin Nicholson

Officer Dustin Nicholson has been volunteering with PAL since about 2015. As a member of the specialty unit that works with diffusing bombs, he is often the guest kids remember the most when he visits. Numerous times he has brought out the bomb truck and robots for youth to see and engage with and last year he supported our teen CSI Vancouver camp. He came out for the day to teach the teens how to drive the robots and then came out on another day for a live demonstration of how our officers react when they have a suspected bomb.

Yet, one of our favorite things about Officer Nicholson is that he is willing to help out, even last minute. There have been numerous times when we need someone to come out last minute to a PAL event because the previously scheduled person was unable to make it. So he shows up with his bomb truck and a smile and the kids love him!

We are so grateful for Officer Dustin Nicholson and his generous support of PAL.

Deputy Shaun Robertson

Deputy Shaun Robertson is a pretty incredible deputy. One of the first things you’d notice when meeting him is his kind heart and his positivity. The next thing you’d notice is his wonderful sense of humor. He is always smiling and it is evident that when he is volunteering with PAL, that he is having a ton of fun.

Over the last year Deputy Robertson volunteered as a mentor with our Rocksolid Community Teen Center mentoring program and he attended several literacy events. During his time with our Rocksolid program he made several impactful connections and the teens began to be excited to have him visit. He even took an entire day and with co-worker Deputy Boyse attended a service project with our teens up at Mount St. Helen’s Institute.

Deputy Shaun Robertson exemplifies what we hope to see from our law enforcement volunteers. Whenever he participates, he is there fully and maintains his focus to be that of connecting with kids. Thank you so much for all that you do!