L.E. Volunteer of the the 2nd Quarter Announced

L.E. Volunteer of the the 2nd Quarter Announced

Every quarter PAL announces our Officer of the quarter and for this quarter Officer Brandon DeGraw with the Vancouver Police Department is PAL’s Officer Volunteer of the quarter! This quarter was hard, we had so many great volunteers. People who went above and beyond for PAL and the community they serve. People doing virtual read alongs, or sewing projects, lunch handouts and parades.

And one of those people is Officer DeGraw, he works as a Neighborhood Police Officer for the Department. Officer DeGraw has stepped up and went to many parades, like the ones at Pioneer Elementary and another at Wy’East Middle School. He went to many lunch pick ups at Ellsworth Elementary, sharing stories with parents and handing out stickers to kids. He has supported PAL and our community in so many ways during these trying and difficult times. 

Without officers like DeGraw we wouldn’t be the PAL that we are today and we all want to say thank you! Thank you for making our community better, thank you for getting involved and thank you for joining our team and working hard everyday. 

Again, thank you Officer Brandon DeGraw!

Officer DeGraw is in this picture next to the VPD vehicle, while we are at Ellsworth giving out food.