L.E. Volunteer of the 3rd Quarter Announced

It is that time of year again where we get the pleasure of announcing PAL’s Officer/Deputy/Trooper of the Quarter! This is the third quarter of the year, and this time we get to highlight Amanda Nohrenberg from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office! Deputy Nohrenberg has been an amazing help this summer with PAL’s lunch distributions, live summer camp videos, and so much more! 

Amanda Nohrenberg is a reserve for the Sheriff’s office, and has begun to show her support for PAL at the start of this year. She has only been a reserve for a little over a year, but has shown us all at PAL that she is out there to help our community. 

Norgenberg is one to always make a joke, there to make you smile, as well as someone you can trust. Without her help this summer, PAL wouldn’t have been the same. Thank you Deputy Nohrenberg for getting so involved with PAL this year, and we are looking forward to the many more years and activities you get to be a part of. 

Again, thank you Deputy Amanda Nohrenberg!