BBB is Back!

What is BBB? BBB is our annual week-long cash back event with local breweries called: Brrrurgers, Bites, & Brews; and this year is super exciting because our friends at iQ Credit Union are presenting the entire event!

Participating in BBB is easy. Simply visit one of 8-10 participating breweries (click the image below to see who is) during the week of January 30th – February 5th, ask for the “PAL Special,” and 20% of that special will come back to PAL! A bonus is that there is also a passport you can have your beer tender mark off and after visiting three locations you can be entered to win a brew-quet! If you visit all the locations you can double your chances.

Brrrurgers, Bites, & Brews is one of PAL’s favorite events because not only does it help us raise money, but it also supports some incredible local businesses! We hope you will join us in venturing out in the cold later this month, as our small businesses need the love and support. Cheers to the beginning of 2022!