BCM & PAL Trips 2022

This year marks the seventh year PAL has partnered with Big City Mountaineers to take local teens on a 7-day backpacking experience! Both the guys and the ladies went to the same location (different weeks): Marmot Pass in the beautiful Olympic National Forest.

BCM trips are always an adventure where both the teens and the adults on the trips grow. We are all challenged during these trips, but the memories made are ones that cannot be made anywhere else. Asking teens to leave their phones, social media, and music behind is a lot. Yet even the ones who push back the most at the beginning end up appreciating the time being unplugged.

For me personally, this trip was a special one as it marked the last PAL program I’ll likely be participating and it represents a closure of a chapter. Like all trips though I am glad I went on it and I know I grow a lot. It was my ninth BCM trip overall and seventh with PAL. Every time I come back from the woods better. Huge thanks to Deputy Bethany Lau and our BCM Instructor Christina for being AMAZING! Here are some of my personal favorite pics from the trips. Enjoy! ~ Jenny Thompson, Past PAL Executive Director