Blaze Restoration joins PAL as a Corporate Sponsor

Blaze Restoration joins PAL as a Corporate Sponsor

I remember the day I received a phone call from Ken Stryker of Blaze Restoration. He and his company had been following us on social media and they loved the work we were doing. I was flattered. My team and I work hard to create quality programs in our community, so to hear someone, whom I’ve never met, say they like what they are seeing, it feels good.

Through our conversation I learned that Blaze Restoration was interested in more than just saying we appreciate the work you are doing. They wanted to partner with us and support us in living out our mission of bringing cops, kids, and community together. They wanted to volunteer and they wanted to give financially. Wow, I was just floored that a regional company like Blaze would seek us out.

So Ken and I spoke, exchanged some emails, and decided that having Blaze Restoration sponsor one of our Youth Basketball Tournaments would be the best fit. You’ve read the press release already, but we are thrilled to reiterate the amazing partner we now have for our youth sports tournament: Blaze Restoration.

If you’ve never heard of Blaze Restoration, here is a little bit about them: Blaze Restoration is an independent restoration company specializing in large-loss fire and water damage repairs to residential and commercial structures. We are independent in that we only work for the owner, not the insurance company. We are an advocate for our clients, ensuring all rights are protected throughout the claim process. We are proud to be headquartered in Vancouver, WA and licensed in four states: California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. 

Partnerships like the one we are forming with Blaze Restoration are crucial to the success of our programs and organization. We are proud to be partnering with such a wonderful local business!

Ken (on far right) dropping off the check.
(also included in picture from L to R: Commander Whitney, PAL E.D. Jenny Thompson, & Corproal Boynton)