Can we go again next year?

Last weekend four teens, an officer, and a PAL Staff traveled to Washington, DC for the National PAL teen summit. They had a ton of fun and wanted share with you their experience in their own words:

We think this trip was amazing, because of all of the learning experiences and all of the first opportunity’s that we experienced. We enjoyed seeing the White house, the capitol, Washington monument, and the World War 2 memorial. As a group we all think these historic locations were very exciting to see! 

Our next most exciting experience was meeting Senator Maria Cantwell. This was amazing to hear about the issues in Washington State and all the solutions. It was also nice to hear how we could help make the change!

Every day we had classes to help us become better leaders and how to be better people. One of the important things we learned was how to make connections. We played a game in the class which was to trade a card to multiple people and tell them about ourselves. The “Rockstars” brought in three guest speakers who talked a lot about how to be successful and their life story. It was very touching to hear how they came from nothing into living their dream lives. One of the people that came was Mel Smith. He told us when he was 14 and got a job bagging groceries he got the job to help out his household. He even started buying his own clothes, shoes, and other needed items to help lift the burden off his mom. They were all so willing to give back and we were surprised. 

We would like to attend this conference again next year, here is our reason. The reason is that next year we will be going into high school which is important because they talked a lot about taking A.P. classes and on how to be more appealing to colleges one of the examples is doing community service. 

In conclusion this was an amazing experience for all of us; we learned so much about a lot of different things and we would love to learn more next year! Thanks to Jesse, Officer Werner, and PAL’s staff for making this all possible.

-Felix, Joseph, Edwin, and Leo

Adventures in DC