Volunteer Officer of the 3rd Quarter 2019 Announced!

Volunteer Officer of the 3rd Quarter 2019 Announced!

Every quarter the PAL staff sits down to think of who we should choose to be our law enforcement officer of the quarter. It’s never an easy decision because so many of our officers, deputies, and troopers go above and beyond every day!

But for our 3rd quarter honoree, it was pretty apparent that Officer Clesson Werner should be the officer we give a shout out to! He was extremely involved throughout the summer.

Just a few of the activities/experiences he participated in include:

  • Camps at Fruit Valley: Mad Science and STEAM
  • Football camp-Coached all three days
  • Washington D.C. Trip with 4 boys for 5 days
  • Firstenburg day camp- volunteered answered a Q&A and showed off his patrol car.
  • Overall was an asset to all of the camps he came and volunteered at. He brings laughter, smiles, patience and kindness where ever he goes. We cannot thank him enough for his service to our community but also all that he does for PAL.

The best part is that Clesson isn’t stopping. He will be involved in Prospere again over at Wy’East Middle school and will participating in literacy events during the school year. Thank you Officer Clesson Werner for all that you do, you rock!