Filling the Memory Jar

At the beginning of this year we mentioned that we were bringing back the Memory Jar. The Memory Jar is a way for us as a team to capture all the things that happen throughout the year. It could be a big win, a donation, a small success, or even a trying moment, but no matter the memory we are capturing it so that at the end of the year we can celebrate all that has happened. At this point we are about two months into filling our Memory Jar and here are some highlights of what we’ve already captured:

  • January 29th: We had TWO new board member orientations for folx joining the PAL Board
  • February 9th: The Frontier [Prospere] group went AMAZING! Game day was a huge hit and [everyone] had so much fun! [Lots of positive] compliments the whole time!
  • March 2nd: Got to connect with Sean Janson of the Washington timbers to accept FOUR boxes of cleats as a donation!

At the end of the year we will get to share all the memories, but as you can tell we are already off to a great start. We encourage you to join us in creating your own Memory Jar, it’s not too late and you could even back-date some memories, capturing them in the jar before they fleet away.