Gearing up for Summer Camp!

We are back! Summer camps are happening and we cannot wait! 

This summer, we have a total of nine camps! Four of which are sports based camps, and five are science based. We have had registration open for a few weeks now, and registrations are flooding in! But, we still have space at most camps!

  • Soccer Camp at McKenzie Stadium (June 29-July 1)
  • Football Camp at McKenzie Stadium (July 6-8)
  • STEAM Camp at Fruit Valley Elementary (July 12-16)
  • Mad Science Camp at Fruit Valley Elementary (July19-23)
  • Intro to CSI Camp at Orchards and at Fruit Valley Elementary (July 26-30)
  • Sports Camp at South Ridge Elementary (July 27-29)
  • Basketball Camp at Heritage High (August 2-4)
  • CSI Vancouver Camp at HELA High (August 2-6)
  • Science Camp at South Ridge Elementary (August 4-6)

If you are interested in signing up for any of the above camps, please click here to access our Google Form. This form does not confirm your child(ren) is signed up for camp, but one of our program coordinators will email you stating which camps you are enrolled in. 

We hope to see you this summer!