Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Summer is just around the corner and often this weekend is the kick-off to many of our plans for the coming months! We hope that you have a fabulous three-day weekend like us, but if you need some ideas of what to do this weekend here are some suggestions.

Picnic in the Park: Why not gather the family, make some sandwiches and head to a local park. It supposed to be a beautiful weekend, and eating lunch together on a blanket could be the perfect reason to get out.

Farmer’s Market: Visit the Vancouver Farmer’s Market. It open Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Perhaps you visit the market first and then head to the park for your picnic!

Visit a Museum: Perhaps Saturday you’d like to visit a museum and catch up on some local history. The Clark County Historical Museum is open again and should be open Saturday from 11am-4pm.

Walk around the Fort: With the weather being so incredible, or at least it is supposed to be, perhaps walking around Fort Vancouver would be a fund idea.

Backyard BBQ: Yet, maybe you’d like to stay home and are planning a BBQ of sorts in the backyard. If that’s the case check out this blog post from Ahead of Thyme, to gain inspiration for dishes this weekend.

Whatever you decide to do this week, we encourage you to stay safe as well, practicing all current Covid-19 guidelines. Enjoy the holiday weekend!