Here come the ’20s…

Can y’all believe that in a mere 6/7 days it will be 2020?! The last year has flown by and I can barely believe that we are about to enter the ’20s. As I reflect on the year it was an incredible one; both for PAL and for me personally. PAL had it’s biggest grossing fundraiser ever, we hired our third employee, we were honored with a 100 Women Who Care of SW Washington grant, we changed our name to reflect our reach more accurately, and we can proudly say that NINE local law enforcement agencies now partner with us!

Personally, I got to enjoy settling into my new home, had numerous fond memories created with dear friends, and was able to help my mom launch a new venture. Yet, as I reflect I realize I need a reminder. I need the same reminder I often speak to the teens and young people I get to live life with…. don’t forget to strive to capitalize on your untapped potential.

So for me 2020 will be a year of adventure. I will commit to trying new things, learning new things, and stretching myself. I will look for the good in others and assume good intention. I will not stand by if I see injustice and I will stand with my friends, family, and community to make our world better. I will also do my best to remember to pause and be grateful for the small things, making sure to not over extend myself (at least attempt not to). By doing all these things I hope to continue to develop into the potential I know that is within me; even if I cannot articulate exactly what that is the moment.

I hope your holidays have been a good one and I hope too that you can look into 2020 with anticipation. We are all in this together, so let’s have fun, be adventurers, and build each other up. It’s going to be an AMAZING year, I can just feel it.

With gratitude, Jenny