Ideas for Spring Break next Week

It is finally that time of year: Spring Break! Spring Break is a week kids often look forward to, but parents can dread. Having kids home all day for a week can be crazy, and chaotic. So we are here to give some free and cheap ideas to keep kids of all ages active, engaged, and most importantly, happy! 


Ice cream in a bag: This yummy treat is a great and easy way to get kids outside. Throw some common household ingredients into a baggie with some ice, send the kids outside and have them shake it for as long as they possibly can. Follow this video from our YouTube channel to get all the details.

Rice Krispie Treats: This is a classic treat for so many families, but try throwing a twist in it to make it even more fun! Typically, these treats are made with original Rice Krispie cereal, but consider using Fruity Pebbles, Cheerios, Lucky Charms, or any other yummy cereal. 

Recipe: Melt 10 tablespoons of butter in a large pan. Add a bag of mini marshmallows, and melt. Pull off heat and add in cereal (measurements will differ based on cereal choice). Mix completely then push into a greased pan. Allow to cool and enjoy. 

Yogurt Drops: Kids wanting a frozen treat but you don’t want them to have all the sugar? Try these yummy snacks! Using whatever yogurt you have (Gogurt works too!), scoop some into a baggie or squeeze bottle to make small dots of yogurt on a cookie sheet. Put them in the freezer, then once frozen, serve! Topping with sprinkles before freezing is also an option! 


Scavenger Hunt: This easy and fun game can be done inside or outside, and can be as complex or easy as needed! Take it outside and find pinecones, rocks, leaves, and flowers. Or, for older kids, have students take pictures of their findings. This allows you to have them find things they cannot touch or pick up. Feel free to add in math too (Ex: find four circles, or find isosceles triangles). For inside scavenger hunts, to step up from a normal scavenger hunt, consider making it more challenging by finding something for each letter of the alphabet. If you have letter flash cards, or you can make your own, you can lay them out on the floor for kids to put the item on top of. 

Chalk is great for all aged kids! Chalk is cheap and can be found at dollar stores, and kids can do so many things with them. Besides just drawing, you can put painters tape out and color in each space a different color, just like mosaic tiles; or, hopscotch or creating your own maze or obstacle course to get exercise too.


Dance Party: Dance parties are always fun! If you have a speaker, connect your phone and play some of your favorite music. Play it nice and loud, and dance around the house. This is great for the entire family, it burns energy, and it is a great way to be spontaneous and take a break from work or chores. 

Active Board Game: Board games are a great way to kill boredom while staying at home, but consider playing an active game, such as Twister, to get kids moving. 

Here are a couple of great options: Twister or Boochie

Lawn Games: Hoping that the weather is nice, playing games outside can be a great way to burn kids energy. Some games may include red light, green light, basketball, soccer, baseball, tag, leapfrog, etc. Here’s a blog post with different games and their instructions. 

One final tip: as most probably know, Pinterest is another great way to get new ideas when stumped with what to do with kiddos at home. Below are two links found from Pinterest to blog posts with many different ideas for kids of all ages. 

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