LCC & WSUV Collaborations

2021 has just begun, but PAL is super excited to share about a couple of partnerships and collaborations. One is with Leadership Clark County and the other is with Washington State University-Vancouver. We believe both will support PAL in becoming a stronger and more intentional nonprofit.

With Leadership Clark County (LCC), PAL is a project site. That means that a group of students from the program will be working with PAL on a project they create that will support the direction of the organization. The LCC Project team has been working with our Executive Director and together they decided that the group’s skill set would be well suited to support PAL in creating structure around PAL’s new Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Advisory Board. The Project team sat in on a meeting and sought direction from the advisory board itself. The end result we hope will be that the LCC Project team will have created a charter for the advisory board, an application, and will provide some suggestions for the onboarding of future members.

The second collaboration PAL is participating in this year is with the Business Growth Mentor and Analysis Program of Washington State University-Vancouver. With this project PAL will be working with a community member/business mentor and a team of graduate students. The students will evaluate the current state of PAL and then provide a projection/plan on how we can continue to grow and strengthen our organization.

We are excited to see the result of both of these collaborations. We know we will learn a lot about our ourselves in this process.