Managing the Fatigue

You know it is hard to believe that we have been in this strange limbo of a pandemic and COVID-19 for two years! We have all responded differently to this circumstance. Some welcomed the opportunity to work from home, others decided to adopt a puppy or kitten, some decided to go back to school, and I for instance decided I’d get chickens whom I lovingly call the Boswell Chicks.

Yet something I think most of us have felt is fatigue. We are tired of this in between state. It has worn on us all, no matter our age. Let me be a person that lets you know you got this. You’ve made it this far and I know you will make it through this to see what is next. But I also want you to know its okay to not be okay and its okay to ask for help or seek counseling. We are in this together. If you need some more ideas of how to fight COVID fatigue here are some ideas borrowed UC Davis (you can read their whole article by clicking HERE.)

  • Talk about your frustrations. One of my saving graces the last two years were my colleagues, the other Executive Directors of nonprofits struggling with the constant what-if scenarios. Shout out to my pals at the Clark County Historical Museum and Rocksolid Community Teen Center for being my rock.
  • Engage in Constructive Thinking. I like this one. At PAL we took the opportunity the pandemic brought us to find better ways to lift up our young people, helping them find their voice. Our Amplify Youth Voice project, supported financially by the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington, was a big piece for us. You can watch the series yourself HERE.
  • Practice Mindfulness & Gratitude. I don’t do this often enough. Even when I set reminders I forget or ignore. I want to lean into this more.
  • Take it day by day or even moment by moment. I cannot count the times this was true for me. It has been a hard year, but when it got tough, I focused on the present and that helped so much.
  • Be Compassionate with Yourself. This one has been a life-long journey for me, but it is so good. So often we are too hard on ourselves and really we just need to pause – breathe – and show ourselves some love.
  • Find things to look forward to. After about two months in to this whole COVID thing, I needed to break out. I am an extrovert and I was missing my peers. The first thing I started looking forward to was garage and backyard drinks with friends. We’d gather outside, social distance, and it was just wonderful.
  • Let yourself laugh. I can be too serious at times, but I love a good belly laugh with tears. Nothing else can quite change my demeanor so quickly as a good laugh.
  • Exercise. I’m actually working towards training for a half marathon with the PAL Squad at the PeaceHealth Apple Tree in September, something I’ve never done. Your exercise could be similar or maybe it is simply moving more.