PAL Announces our 2020 LE Volunteer of the Year!

PAL Announces our 2020 LE Volunteer of the Year!

Each year PAL has the great honor to recognize an amazing Law Enforcement Volunteer, a person who goes above and beyond for our organization. Now, this is no easy feat, last year we had over 111 law enforcement professional volunteers from EIGHT different agencies in SW Washington. So we had to dig deep and find the one that stood out the most.

Though this person was almost too obvious to pick, he is a loyal and committed volunteer who has been with our organization for years. He has supported us in every program we have and he continues to do so.

We would like to announce this year’s Law Enforcement Volunteer of the Year is Officer Brian Schaffer with the Vancouver Police Department!

Brian is one of our go to guys! He’s the lead for our VPD literacy events, he has been a part of our video series, he helped us a great deal during our virtual summer camps and so much more. When we were doing in person programs, he was a mentor at Evergreen high school and he recruited his son to referee for our soccer tournaments. 

Brian is the definition of amazing and PAL wouldn’t be PAL without him. Like our Manifesto says “Behind every badge is a heart, a person wanting to serve SW Washington, making it better.” Brian is that person, his commitment and drive to help support our organization and the community is something to admire. 

Thank you Officer Schaffer for ALL you do!