PAL Patrol Back in Action

As one of our main academic success programs, PAL Patrol places officers and deputies into “specific classrooms to help motivate students and ensure success in school. [They] assist teachers by visiting their classrooms to discuss different topics or issues students are facing, in hopes of creating positive connections between police and students.”

This school year we are excited to have 7 officers/deputies placed in 8 different classrooms!  Some, placed as early as September, have already been into their classrooms several times to answer questions about their jobs, encourage students to read, and just help out in the classroom by meeting any needs they can.  This close connection to students in their own familiar environment is the key to breaking down barriers to positive relationships between cops and kids.

Each volunteer is committed through the school year to visit their elementary classroom for one hour a month.  If you were paying attention above, you noticed we’ve got one volunteer doing twice their duty, as PAL Patrol is a big favorite!  We’ve got officers and deputies placed all over both Evergreen and Vancouver School Districts including Image Elementary, Orchards Elementary, and Hough Elementary.  It’s an exciting time for PAL Patrol!

We’ll check back in later in the school year to hear more about how our volunteers spend their time connecting with their classrooms!