PAL Squad raises $30,000!

We cannot thank our 20 member PAL Squad enough this year for all their work in raising money for us! Our top fundraiser, was Scot Brantley who raised over $2,000! Our next two top fundraisers were law enforcement, with Deputy Lau raising over $1300 and Officer Chavers raising over $1000!

This year too was record setting in the number of officers who ran in full uniform! Last year we had two, one who ran the half and one who ran the full. While, this year we had NINE law enforcement professionals run the 5k (including our VPD Police Chief) and another TWO running the half in full uniform (in the rain no less)! The best part was that we had THREE law enforcement agencies represented among these runners: Vancouver Police Department (8 runners), Clark County Sheriff’s Office (1 runner), and Longview Police Department (1 runner).

Yet, one of our favorite memories from this year’s run was that we had four teen PAL ladies run/walk the 5k with the adult team (comprised of PAL’s Executive Director, a VPD Officer, a CCSO Deputy, and a civilian volunteer) they went hiking with this summer in the Mt. Hood Wilderness! These young ladies are not typically runners, but when they were challenged by an anonymous donor to participate and that if they followed thru they could each raise $5,000 for PAL, they said yes! How cool is that? PAL teens challenging themselves to raise money for the organization they participate in. We are truly humbled and inspired by these young ladies!

So thank you again to all the members of the PAL Squad. We could not do this without you. You inspire us all and so far we are pretty consistent in our fundraising; having raised $30,000 each year! Check out some of the pictures of squad below from this year’s runs!