We have said it many times before, but recently it has never been more true, we (PAL) are all about collaboration and partnerships. We value the ability to work together to make our community stronger and without the team mentality we strongly believe we could not be making the impacts that we are. Thus as #GivingTuesdayNow comes closer, it occurs this coming Tuesday the 5th of May, we want to share about who we are partnering with and encourage you to give to one of these organizations on May 5th. Of course, we’d love for you to give to us, but recognize every person has a different nonprofit that resonates with them. So give to PAL or give to one of the deserving groups below or find that nonprofit that stirs passion in your soul and give to them. By giving now, even a little bit, it will strengthen us in the future!

Rocksolid Community Teen Center: For the last five or so years we have partnered with Rocksolid. We love our partnership and value their mission. Together we get to provide mentoring to their youth with local law enforcement being some of our primary mentors.

Big City Mountaineers(BCM): The summer of 2016 saw our first backpacking trip with BCM. We sent out two trips, one ladies’ and one guys’. It was amazing to see the transformation of our teens who went on these 7-day backpacking trips with law enforcement. The conversations had without interference from the outside world was/is unparalleled. If you haven’t heard of BCM before, check them out because they are doing incredible things.

The Loft: We have just started collaborating with La Center United’s teen program “The Loft.” We are excited for this new partnership and intend to bring our small group mentoring to their teens in the fall. In the meantime we encourage you to check them!

Evergreen & Vancouver Public Schools: Without our partnerships with our local schools, we could not have the reach that we do. In partnership with both school districts we offer small group mentoring; literacy events; and after school sports. Come next school year we hope to expand to include Battle Ground Schools and then eventually all Clark County Schools.