The Highlights of Heart Behind the Badge 2018

The Highlights of Heart Behind the Badge 2018

Well, it’s been almost a week since our Heart Behind the Badge evening event and we are still blown away by the support PAL has received this year.  We tried to narrow down the list of things we wanted to highlight from that night here on the blog, but we just couldn’t leave anything out! So, with our humble thanks to all involved, here is what we can’t stop talking about in the office:

WARNING: There will be a lot of exclamation points ahead.


1.There were over 200 people in attendance, a huge addition from last year’s event and a huge success!

2. From the evenings events, donations, and with our anonymous match, PAL raised over $152,000!

3. PAL was the recipient of a brand new Toyota RAV4, completely outfitted with our logo!  Huge thanks to Phillip Cianni and McCord’s Vancouver Toyota for their generous support!

4. We launched our new video!  Amazingly crafted by Ametsa Media, check it out here:

5. Our audience heard from Pablo & Maria, PAL participants and family, as they shared their story of PAL’s impact.  They told us all that PAL has become a part of their extended family and has really shown them that together we can and will make our community stronger.

6. Heart Behind the Badge wouldn’t be complete without our law enforcement.  34 members of law enforcement were in attendance from four different local agencies, plus two K9 units!

7. The other people we couldn’t do this event without? Volunteers!  Shout out to our 15+ volunteers who made the evening run as smoothly as possible.  We really, really, love you all!

8. Officer Julie Ballou got up and also shared a fabulous story!  It was also about the impact of PAL, but this time about how it doesn’t just help and affect change in the kids, but in the cops too.

9. You all know we love any chance to show off our hot vehicles. Two VPD K9 units, a Washington State Patrol Car, a CCSO boat, and both a VPD and CCSO patrol vehicle, were in attendance and looking good!

10. Just in case anyone was wondering, (we couldn’t even believe it) that bottle of Pappy’s raised over $6,000.  Well done everybody!


The only thing we have left to say again, is THANK YOU!  You make all of this possible and we are so blessed to be able to work with you all and celebrate on a night like Heart Behind the Badge!