There’s still time to become a member of the PAL Squad

There’s still time to become a member of the PAL Squad

We know it is only May, but now is the time to commit to the 2022 PeaceHealth AppleTree as a member of the Amerigroup PAL Squad. This year, the PAL Squad will be honoring fallen VPD Officer, Donald Sahota, so it means that much more to us!

As a member of the PAL Squad you help us live out our mission of building positive relationships between law enforcement and youth  and help us raise some money for our programs. WHY Racing always puts on a great run and the Apple Tree is a fun one to run. You’ll have options for a 5k, half marathon, full marathon, or even the option to do any of those runs virtually. Did we mention this is a Boston Marathon qualifying race?

This year the PAL Squad is sponsored by our friends at Amerigroup and we are so excited to have them on board. With their support, we are recruiting for the PAL Squad and we have about 15 or so spots left. You don’t have to be an officer or deputy to join, just a person who supports our mission! If we can get a complete squad of 50 folx, who raise an average of $500 each, we can raise $25,000 for PAL!

If you’d like to join the PAL Squad and are committed to attempting to raise $500 for PAL, just email us at and we will get you your code so you can sign-up for FREE. Don’t forget that youth ages 18 and under can sign-up for the 5k for FREE!

Joining the PAL Squad is pretty fun. You get to challenge yourself in two ways: 1) by running a race at the length of your choice (5k, half marathon, or full marathon) and 2) by raising money for a local nonprofit. We even have a little competition among the members to see who raises the most.We hope you consider joining the Amerigroup 2022 PAL Squad and remember you don’t have to be law enforcement to do so. As I mentioned earlier we still have several spots left. You can learn more about the PAL Squad by visiting our Facebook page here or by emailing us at