“The real gift of gratitude is that the more grateful you are, the more present you become.”

~ Robert Holden

Being present is difficult. Distractions are around us constantly and for whatever reason we allow us to give into these interruptions. The result? We end up being disconnected from each other. It’s not that we aren’t connected (I mean social media keeps us up to date on everything right?), we just don’t feel as close because as the years have gone on we are less and less able to keep ourselves focused on the present.

In light of this, we (PAL) have a suggestion… for Thanksgiving this year turn off all the electronics, resist the urge to be sucked into social media or to take a moment and check your work email; rather commit to being present. Watch the Macy Day parade as a family; play a board game; cook with each other; or just lounge around the house and enjoy each other’s company. Tell each other why you love each other and share why you are grateful. It doesn’t have to be grand or “significant” per se; it could be as simple as “I am grateful that today is a new day and that I am here.” Sometimes it is the smallest pieces of gratitude that mean the most.

Being grateful, being present, can really change your perspective on things. It can be refreshing, bringing a breath of fresh air. Allow yourself to take that time and be present. And if you’re struggling, then start with expressing your gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving from YOUR family at PAL!