Volunteer Spotlight

As summer camps comes to a close, we would like to highlight an amazing group of young adults; the Clark County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Post 893. This program is a leadership program for young adults between the ages of 15 1/2-21 years. They examine opportunities in the criminal justice field, focusing on community service, social interaction, leadership development, practical career development and fitness. 

During the summer, the explorer post 893 came out to our CSI Vancouver camp at Hela High School. They helped act as team leaders, with demonstrations, during class time (math was involved!) and a lot more. This group of people are more than willing to step up and work. They are all respectful, helpful and up for a challenge. They are community driven and it is so easy to see in this post that they all love impacting their community in a positive and constructive way. 

We at PAL appreciate what they all do for this community!

Thank you explorer post 893 for your excellent service!