We’re Lovin’ It!

For the third year we are excited to announce that our local McDonald’s will be supporting our Literacy Events! They have generously given us $1500 to buy ALL the books we use for our events in Clark County.

A couple weeks ago we had the privilege of McDonald’s visiting us at Harney Elementary School for a literacy event. They got to see our Vancouver Police Officers in action as Corporal Rey Reynolds gave a safety presentation, read Green Eggs & Ham, and let every 2nd grader pick out their own book to take home.

Outside these 2nd graders toured a bear-cat, patrol car, and even got to check out our robots with Officer Dustin Nicholson. We also had some Dove Lewis therapy dogs on hand for youth to pet.

Our Literacy Events are the highlight of every month both us staff at PAL and for our law enforcement professionals who come out to them. We are so grateful for partners like McDonald’s who step up to make these events possible! Thank you McDonald’s for all your support, we are truly appreciative!

Officer Sammy Abdala showing youth the bear-cat with Val from McDonald’s