Youth Spotlight

This month’s youth spotlight is a little different. Instead of highlighting just one, we are highlighting several. Read on to learn more.

For the past ten weeks, executive director, Jenny, and program coordinators Madi, and Danielle have been volunteering with Share Vancouver to pass out “backpacks” to families. There are many elementary schools in the Vancouver and Evergreen School Districts that serve breakfast and lunch everyday of the week, but on Thursdays, PAL has the opportunity to pass out backpacks consisting of items such as pasta, rice, canned vegetables/fruits, and cereal.  

PAL has had a great time meeting the staff at Share, as well as the staff at schools and their families. For the majority of our weeks volunteering, we have been stationed at Ellsworth Elementary. All of the staff have enjoyed getting to see familiar faces each week, as well as getting to interact with the students of Ellsworth. This is especially true when we have had the opportunity to have officers and deputies hang out with us. We love being able to talk to the youth and their parents, as well as dance to the music, hand out stickers, and answer any questions they may have about being an officer or deputy. 

PAL has missed all the students we normally see during the year, but have loved getting to meet new students through our volunteering. Seeing the children laugh and play in the parking lot, and get so excited to get their food is the whole reason PAL does what they do.

(Huge thanks to Craig from Evergreen Public Schools for taking such great pictures)