Youth Spotlight

This month’s  youth spotlight goes to the Schoonover kids! These three awesome kiddos helped Madi film for this year’s virtual STEAM camp. They did such a  great job filming and demonstrating the experiments. They created Ice Chalk, battled with Popsicle stick catapults and made colorful rain. So we wanted to give them a big ol’ shout out: thank you Peyton, Addie and Griffin!


Peyton Schoonover (9)

Addie Schoonover (7)

Griffin Schoonover (4)

What they liked about filming for camp:

Loved making his own experiment then playing with the chalk all by himself without his sisters.

Loved being filmed and going on YouTube.

All of them loved getting their PAL shirts and their kits and are all very excited to do the projects this week and teach each other how to do the experiment they got to film.