PAL Programs

Connecting Kids, Cops & Communities

Police know the struggles that kids face.
Our programs are the key to helping break the cycles of
crime and delinquency among at risk youth.

01. Promoting Academic Success

Academic success is essential to the overall success of youth in our community.

Our PAL Patrol Program works with specific classrooms to help motivate students and ensure success in school. Officers assist teachers by visiting their classrooms to discuss different topics or issues students are facing, in hopes of creating positive connections between police and students.

The PAL Literacy Events program promotes the importance of reading by connecting VPD/CCSO staff and PAL Volunteers with students in the community. PAL visits various schools throughout the year providing students with free books and the opportunity to read with officers.

In 2018 PAL delivered over 2,200 books to kids in 2nd and 3rd grade throughout Clark County. PAL fosters interest in reading to give kids confidence in school and in their ability to learn on their own.

02. Healthy Living and Habits

Athletic programs have always been a central PAL activity focus.

Athletic Programs are offered after-school at some of our target schools. These programs are designed to improve overall fitness and health through organized team sports.

PAL Tournaments bring our community together through friendly non-competitive play. PAL offers quarterly soccer and basketball tournaments that teach the spirit of organized sports through sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play.

We're all about collaborations at PAL. In fact in 2017 we won a Nonprofit Excellence Award in collaboration for our work with Vancouver and Evergreen Schools.

03. Mentoring and Role Modeling

PAL offers two core programs to connect middle and high school kids with caring adults in the community.

Prospere (Middle School & High School) Prospere (Latin for “to be successful”) gives students the skills they need to be successful after middle school/high school by connecting them with adult mentors from the community who engage them in activities that help them explore their identity, create goals for their future and build self-efficacy with the belief that they can attain those goals. We target students who are doing well academically or slightly struggling but facing obstacles at home or outside of school.

The Explorers Program is designed to give students ages 15-21 an opportunity to observe the criminal justice system and assist them in making an informed career decision. Explorers provide non-enforcement assistance to the Sheriff’s Office and serve their community through a wide variety of functions.

Teens are given the opportunity to learn from police officers through a variety of activities to gain self-esteem and critical life skills they need to succeed.

04. Summer Programs

Great opportunities for middle school through high school aged kids!

Our summer camps live in all three of our core areas of programming. We offer six weeks of summer camps varying in theme and focus. Three are geared towards sports, two are geared towards science, and one gives our teens the opportunity to learn about crime scene investigation and forensics. All of our camps (except CSI Vancouver) are offered to youth in our community for only $10 and includes a PAL shirt and lunch.

Your contributions help make these programs successful.